Art History

Art History

Art history at an art college is intrinsically different. At KCAI, the art history program reflects a unique approach that combines academic rigor with an understanding of studio practice. Many members of the art history faculty are also art makers. This infuses the program with a deep understanding of media, technique and the dynamics of art making in tandem with the history and theories of art.

As you progress in the major you have opportunities to select from a wide variety of upper level courses, such as “History of Ceramics,” “Constructivism and the Bauhaus,” “History of Photography,” “Spiritual Landscapes,” “High Art and Popular Culture,” “Film Noir,” “Seminar in Postmodernism,” “Survey of Africa, Oceania and Native American Art,” “Models and Muses,” “Japanese Prints” and “American Film of the 1970s,” to name only a few. Dovetailing with the college’s Community Arts and Service Learning certificate program, the art history curriculum includes courses that examine the artist’s role in society.

Dedicated to their teaching, the full-time art history faculty are also active as scholars in their fields — curating, publishing, working with museums and serving on boards of leading professional associations and societies. In the classroom and in professional practice sessions, which junior and senior year students attend as a means of career preparation, art historians talk with students about the symbiotic relationship between studio artists and art historians. Discussion focuses on how the two interact professionally throughout their careers, intersecting in virtually all art venues, including grant-making agencies, critical journals and newspapers, collegiate and university art departments, art galleries and museums and public art programs.

Art History Faculty

  • Michele Fricke, professor and program head of art history

    Michele Fricke, professor and program head of art history, teaches ancient and renaissance art and the history of textiles and ceramics...Read More
  • Steve Cromwell, associate professor

    Steve Cromwell teaches history of photography, history of film, contemporary European art, Latino art of the 20th century, 19th century...Read More
  • Rebecca Dubay, assistant professor

    Rebecca Dubay, Ph.D., joined the KCAI faculty in 2011 as an assistant professor of art history, specializing in contemporary art and...Read More
  • Jan Kennedy, associate professor

    Jan joined the liberal arts faculty at KCAI in 2006, previously working as a lecturer at KCAI and as an adjunct assistant professor at...Read More
  • Sherman Reed Anderson, associate professor

    Reed Anderson, Ph.D., who holds a doctorate in American art from the University of Kansas, has taught a variety of classes since coming...Read More
  • Erin Dahl

    Erin Dahl is an adjunct professor with the Kansas City Art Institute and Metropolitan Community College. Dahl has previous experience...Read More
  • Deborah Dickson, lecturer

    Deborah Dickson has a dozen years of teaching experience and has taught at the Kansas City Art Institute since 1999. She earned her...Read More
  • Alison Miller, lecturer

    Alison Miller holds M.A. degrees in asian art history and museum studies from the University of Kansas...Read More.
  • Madeline Rislow, Ph.D., lecturer

    Madeline Rislow, Ph.D., received her doctorate from the University of Kansas with...Read More
  • Paula Rose, lecturer

    Paula Rose, a lecturer in the School of Liberal Arts, has a master's degree in art history from the University of Kansas and a Bachelor...Read More

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