Administration & Faculty

Both faculty and staff at the Kansas City Art Institute are dedicated to the success of our students. We want you to get the most out of your KCAI experience.

About our faculty

The KCAI faculty are effective teachers in part because they also are practicing artists and designers. They expect a great deal from each student, and students can expect much in return: their full attention, their dedication to your personal growth as an artist or designer and their celebration of your success as your work grows and matures. To view artwork by members of our faculty, visit our digital gallery and search by name of artist or department.


About our staff and administration

Staff and administrators at KCAI are student-focused from the president of the college on down through the ranks. The quality of your experience as a student at KCAI is high on their list of priorities, and along with the faculty, their goal is for students to make the most of their four years at KCAI.

Visit KCAI

The best way to know if the Kansas City Art Institute is right for you is to experience it. Schedule a tour today.