Course Resource Form

CPS instructors are required to complete one Course Resource Form for each class they are teaching. Once complete, it is sent directly to the program manager for that audience.


General class information

Facility needs

(Enter the number of what is needed in the text fields, if nothing enter 0)

Remember, room set up is the instructor’s responsibility so plan time to get your room and set it up the way you would like.


Request models using the model request form below.

Please note we are charged a minimum of 3 hrs. for models.

Enter a brief Description of any props or costumes that the model will use or interact with.

Syllabus and Supply List

Below are links to download the necessary  syllabus and supply list templates. 

To create your syllabus, please download and fill out this form.

To create your supply list, please download and fill out this form:

Once you have filled out the form(s) save it and then upload it below.

Once you have completed your syllabus, save it and then upload it here.

Once you have filled out the KCAI Supply List Form, save it and then upload it here.


If yes, please submit your documents to the program coordinator at least 5 business days prior to your first class and they will be in the first class packet. 

If your submissions are late, we cannot guarantee that the photocopies will be ready.

Field Trips

If you plan to take any field trips, please complete the below fields.  

As a reminder, faculty are not allowed to transport students in their personal vehicles.