ArtSounds celebrates is 10th year of collaborative performances by composers, performers, and visual artists with the 2015-16 season. Initiated by faculty from the UMKC Conservatory and the Kansas City Art Institute, ArtSounds explores cross-media expression through creative concert-making. Co-directors Mara Gibson and Paul Rudy set the stage for concert events outside the box and inside the mind's eye and the eye's ear. Faculty partners from each institution produce provocative events that explore media and music. In ArtSounds performances, vision informs hearing and hearing guides sight in this essential dialogue at the messy intersections of human experience.

ArtSounds performances take place at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month in Epperson Auditorium in Vanderslice Hall on the campus of the Kansas City Art Institute, unless otherwise noted. Performances are free and open to the public


ArtSounds 2015-2016 Performance Series

Bird-likeSeptember 8, 2015
Event poster
Bird-like is a multimedia exhibition and performance exploring the relationships between human culture and birds. Inspired by native bird species of the midwest and the documentary work of John James Audubon, Bird-like examines the human tendency to anthropomorphize bird behavior. A curated gallery installed within Epperson Auditorium becomes the stage for a series of scenes of live music, processed sound, projected animation, and performance art, with each scene reflecting on particular bird species or characteristics: the cold, distant circling of vultures; the bombastic, capricious thumping of nuthatches and woodpeckers; the the endearing monogamy of cardinals; the cruel subterfuge of cowbirds, and the flock mentality of starlings.

Bird-like features performance art and installation by Mark Allen, ink drawings and animations by Cara Strever, and music by Cooper Ottum. Featured performers include Gigi Harris, Jillian Youngbird, and musicians from the UMKC Conservatory, with fashion design by Rachel Anne Gottlieb.

As I see YouOctober 13, 2015
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Composer Stacy Busch, spoken word artist Sarah Mundy, and video/sound artist Cody Kauhl create a performative event that bridges the gap between the concert hall and film theater.

Black Crack November 10, 2015
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In keeping with the social design of Beyond the Black Crack (recorded 40 years ago in the Epperson Auditorium), this new work creates a communally shared space with composer/performer/audience equality. Collaborators include current/former KCAI students Sebastian Thomas, Will Bradley and Frances Maley, KCAI faculty member
Dwight Frizzell and the director of Gamelan Genta Kasturi, Patrick Conway.

Celestial Metamorphosis
February 9, 2016
Celestial Metamorphosis is a collaborative audio-visual performance that depicts the various interactions between light, nature, and humans with the sky. Collaborators for this project will include composer Ted King-Smith, video artist Cody Kauhl, electronic music composer Eli Hougland, and improvisation groups Mnemosyne Quartet and
Ensemble of Irreproducible Outcomes (EIO).

BlackbirdMarch 8, 2016
This collaboration includes film by Caitlin Horsmon, choreography by Gary Abbot and original music composed by Mara Gibson, inspired by Wallace Steven’s “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.”

Dormez VousApril 13, 2016
Dormez-Vous will be an interactive sound and video installation in which all the technological components of the audio delivery system will take on science-fiction architectural features. Collaborators include Yann Aguirre, Stuart Becker, Will Andree and Nick Turner

Creative Collaborations Class CONS438 – April 26, 2016
Program to be determined.

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