Deferring Payment

In order to qualify for a deferment, you must meet specific criteria for that deferment. All of the forms are available for download on this site to the right side of the page. Complete the form in detail and attach any required authorization or documentation listed in the eligibility requirements.

Send the form to ACS or the KCAI Perkins Loan specialist in the business office for processing (e-mail to or fax to 816-802-3424). You will receive notficaiton of whether your application was accepted or denied.

A borrower is entitled to have the repayment of a loan deferred under certain circumstances:

  • Enrollment in school
  • Study in a graduate fellowship program
  • Rehabilitation training program for disabled individuals
  • Unemployment
  • Economic hardship

Student Deferment

A borrower may be eligible for a deferment if they are enrolled at least half-time as a regular student at an accredited institution. You are required to have the school you are attending certify your student status. If they will only do so for the current term, you are required to submit a form each term.

If your school participates in the National Student Loan Clearinghouse program, you may not need to submit a deferment form.

Complete a student deferment request form

Economic Hardship Deferment

A borrower maybe eligible for a deferment if they are suffering an economic hardship and they meet one of the following conditions. To qualify you must:

  • Meet one of the following qualifications (you must provide documentation)
      1. You have been granted economic hardship deferment under either the Federal Program or the Federal Perkins Loan Program for the same time period for which you request the deferment.
      2. You receive payment under a federal or state public assistance program, such as Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Supplemental Security Income, Food Stamps, or state general public assistance.
      3. You work full time and your total monthly federal education debt equals or exceeds your monthly gross income and the difference between your monthly gross income and your federal education debt is less than 220 percent of the larger amounts listed.
      4. You do not work full time and your monthly gross income does not exceed twice listed in (5) below for your state, and after deducting your total monthly payments for education debt from your monthly gross income, the amount remaining does not exceed the amounts (5) below for your state.
      5. You work full time and your monthly gross income is no more than the larger of the amounts listed below for your state.
          1. Federal minimum wage rate ($7.25 an hour) $942.50
          2. Poverty line for a family of two

          Alaska $1,691.25

          Hawaii $1,557.50

          All other states including Washington, D.C. $1,353.75

  • Complete an Economic Hardship Deferment Request Form
  • Maximum length 36 months. Borrowers must reapply every 12 months

Unemployment Deferment

  • A borrower may be eligible for a deferment if they are seeking and are unable to find full-time employment
  • maximum length: 36 months
  • complete the Unemployment Deferment Form

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