Student work and achievement

These talented students represent the KCAI student body. Each of their stories are unique. But their learning experience, quality of work and personal devotion to their craft is characteristic among all KCAI students, no matter their particular area of study.

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Spencer Pullen

What I like best about illustration is the freedom. There is an emphasis on the importance of originality at KCAI.

Molly Garrett

I visited KCAI and the campus was beautiful. I could feel a sort of busy energy all around, and I remember thinking I wanted to be a part of it.

Karolina Akimov

The environment here encourages learning and exploration. It’s about process and bettering yourself rather than just striving for a product.

Angelina Yang

KCAI has given me the opportunity to connect with peers and professors, build a network of professionals in my field, broaden my knowledge and to go beyond.

Nicholas Olivares

I learned more at KCAI in my first few months than I have at any other institution. It feels like home!

Amaad Delmar

I love that I am allowed to explore various subjects, and in interactive arts, it’s a huge plus that studying means playing games!