Faculty-Led Travel Programs

These opportunities change every year and are led by experienced faculty members. They allow students to explore immersive artistic opportunities and different cultures around the world while earning credits toward their degree.

NYC travel

New York Summer Studio Survey (With Color)

Faculty Leader – James Woodfill, Associate Professor, Painting Department

 In this three-credit, three week intensive studio course, students will focus on an investigation of the New York City urban environment. Prompted by a series of readings about color, its use and theory, this class will proceed through this formal lens as an immersive investigation of place, along with immediate studio responses. As a cross-disciplinary environment, a variety of “portable” or “agile” processes will be encouraged for making such as drawing and collage, photography, videography, writing and journaling.

Participants are encouraged to explore the city – group visits to museums, galleries and studios, along with walks through the city are planned to augment an intensive studio environment. We will have the opportunity to meet a number of working artists in the city through studio visits and critiques. We will be working towards a synthesis of reconnaissance and response, as we live and operate within the city.


KCAI at SACI: Immaculate Immersion in the City of Florence

Faculty Leader – Misty Gamble, Assistant Professor, Foundation

This is a 6-week study abroad course held at the SACI school (Studio Art Centers International) in Florence, Italy. This faculty-led program will consist of a 3-credit interdisciplinary class taught by Misty Gamble, Assistant Professor in Foundation at KCAI with an additional 3-credit course of the students’ choosing from the curriculum of the Studio Arts Centers International, Florence (SACI). This will be a rigorous program with total immersion into the City of Florence and the Florentine Renaissance. The focus will be on form and content as it relates to the individual student’s research. Student cost includes an apartment and separate studio in Florence, use of the SACI campus facilities, tuition for two courses, and weekend excursions. Estimated student cost before airfare: $6,090.00

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Copy of JPEG #3 - KCAI Students in front of I.M. Pei's entrance to the Musee du Louvre, Paris 2009

Paris, France: A Moveable Feast

Faculty Leaders – Dr. Phyllis Moore and Dr. Reed Anderson, Creative Writing and Liberal Arts

LITR 3800-04: Creative Nonfiction Workshop: Travel Writing [Instructor: Dr. Phyllis Moore], 3 credit hrs.

AHS 3828-01: A Moveable Feast: French Art and Culture [Instructor: Dr. Reed Anderson], 3 credit hrs.

The Faculty Led Travel Program, A Moveable Feast: will be conducted in Paris, France. As Er-nest Hemingway once wrote to a friend, “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”  Hemingway was one of many American writers, artists, and intellectuals, who felt the pull of “the city of light” and succumbed to its attractions and cosmopolitan environment.  In this brief but intensive program, we will explore most of the major sites and museums of Paris with an emphasis on French art and culture. Classes will be conducted on-site in such places as the Louvre, the Centre Pompidou, the Musée d’Orsay, the Musée Carnavalet, Shakespeare & Co., the gothic cathedrals of St. Denis and Notre Dame de Paris. Some class sessions will also be held at the Fondation des États-Unis, where we will stay. We will savor regional French cuisine, explore the neighborhoods of the Left Bank, and take walking tours of Montmartre and Père-Lachaise Cemetery. Two excursions outside of Paris are planned—one to Nantes and one to Fréjus. In Nantes we will walk the 10 kilometer “green line”, where we will see, among other things the “grand machines” of the Royal de Luxe Company, such as the forty foot tall Sultan’s Elephant, as well as witness a glorious sunset over the Loire estuary. In Fréjus, located on the beautiful Côte d’Azur, we will visit such attractions as the ancient Roman ruins, the Matisse Museum in Nice, and the Picasso and Napoleonic Museums in Antibes. The faculty will conduct informal classes in French prior to departure so that students will be able to navigate Paris with some essential language skills. If you have any questions about this study abroad program, please contact either Dr. Moore at pmoore@kcai.edu or Dr. Anderson at sanderson@kcai.edu. Estimated student cost for 6 credit hours:  $5,555.00



Acrosanti photo

The Arcosanti Project: Paradise Valley, Arizona

Faculty Leader – Russell Ferguson; Associate Professor, Foundation Department

Home base will be Arcosanti, a prototype in arcology, urban laboratory and pioneer in green and passive solar technology. Hands-on participation in the Arcosanti Project will be the main focus of this course. Russell Ferguson will lead the course and students will produce a suite of drawings representing the unique views in and around the structures of the Arcosanti and Cosanti projects. As part of the studio course, students will go on optional excursions to Taliesin West, Walnut Canyon and Tuzigoo which will help place the Arcosanti project in historical context.