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KCAI can provide businesses the opportunity to partner with the college to create unique educational experiences in the classroom. When funding a Sponsored Studio, you invest in KCAI students who in turn provide a fresh approach to your long-range research and development challenges. 

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Before completing the information below, please read through  KCAI's Internship Policies for Sites (PDF) to learn about how the internship program at KCAI works .

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Students typically work 6 - 12 hours per week, depending on the academic credit hours they are seeking.

About Social Practice Certificate

Semester-long internships place students in not-for-profit agencies to develop skills they will need to become active, contributing members of their community – skills that include planning, resource management, communication, evaluation and working independently and as a member of a team. In a social practice internship the students represent the college and may seek the resources of KCAI – facilities faculty and programs – to address the issues facing the community agency.

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Kansas City Art Institute can not fulfill all requests. Requests will be reviewed by the Community and Business Partnership Committee and discussed as they relate to the following criteria:

  • Aligns with the College’s mission
  • Connects appropriately to curriculum
  • Fulfills a need of the College
  • Represents a worthwhile experience for students
  • Generates revenue for the students and/or College
  • There is adequate staff and faculty to support the request
  • Adequate time is allowed to fulfill the request

We will not sell products or materials on this site.

Requests may take up to three weeks to receive a follow-up.  Requests may be more difficult to fill if submitted during the months of June, July and December due to summer and holiday breaks.