Community and Business Partnerships

Community and Business Partnerships


To further the mission of the Kansas City Art Institute, we are committed to working with community organizations and businesses in mutually beneficial relationships. KCAI offers a variety of possible options for those wishing to work with the college.


Those from the community wishing to work with KCAI are encouraged to review the various opportunities available and complete the online form. The form is sent to our Community and Business Partnership Committee for review, where a decision will be made whether or not to pursue the opportunity.
KCAI receives many requests each year for our students and departments to work in the community, and, unfortunately, we cannot participate in them all. The CBPC will carefully review all submissions in light of the following criteria:
  • Aligns with the college’s mission
  • Connects appropriately to curriculum
  • Fulfills a need of the college
  • Is a worthwhile experience for students
  • Generates revenue for the students and/or college
  • Has adequate staff and faculty to support the request
  • Adequate time is allowed to fulfill the request
If the committee agrees that the partnership should be explored, it will be passed on to the appropriate staff or faculty member. We will not sell products or materials on this site.
Academic departments
Animation/digital media
Art history (liberal arts)
Continuing and Professional Studies
Creative writing (liberal arts)
Graphic design
Interactive Arts


KCAI works with the community in a variety of ways. The following is a list of the options available to the community. Please review them carefully before filling out the online form. You will be asked to select the option that best fits your request.
Sponsored Studio: KCAI can offers businesses the opportunity to partner with the school to create unique educational experiences in the classroom. Funding for Sponsored Studio allows KCAI students to provide your business a fresh approach to your long-range research and development challenges.
Creative opportunities: Those interested in hiring undergraduate students for part-time, freelance or volunteer work, including the exhibition of student work or commissions may place a notice in the Creative Opportunities list.
Companies and organizations interested in commissioning one or more students to complete a work of art are invited to fill out the online form. KCAI does not guarantee that the slot will be filled but will disseminate the information to our students and the KCAI community-at-large.
Exhibiting student work
Those wishing to exhibit student work may submit a request. KCAI does not guarantee that a student will exhibit in the space but will disseminate the opportunity to our students and the KCAI community-at-large.
Other kinds of creative jobs and volunteer opportunities may be listed on the KCAI Creative Opportunities list on the KCAI website.
Career opportunities: Those interested in hiring undergraduate students or alumni or disseminating information to the KCAI community-at-large, may place a notice on the Creative Opportunities list. These opportunities are listed for six weeks.
Internship opportunities: Students are encouraged to do an internship prior to graduation. Companies and organizations interested in providing these opportunities are welcome to submit a request. Opportunities will be listed in an ongoing manner.
Social Practice Internships: Semester-long internships place students in not-for-profit agencies to develop skills they will need to become active, contributing members of their community – skills that include planning, resource management, communication, evaluation and working independently and as a member of a team. In a social practice internship, students represent the college and may seek the resources of KCAI – facilities, faculty and programs – to address the issues facing the community agency.

Classes for your school or community group: The School for Continuing and Professional Studies will consider requests for classes through other organizations. Classes are offered for ages 6 through adult in both personal enrichment and professional development. 

Donations: KCAI accepts both financial and materials donations. For those wishing to make a financial donation, please skip the online form and click here for further information. If you wish to make a donation of materials or equipment, please complete the form.
Other: If you do not see an opportunity that fits your request, please choose this category.
To begin the process, click the online form.

Sponsored Studio

Is your business or company looking for a creative spark? Consider partnering with KCAI in a Sponsored Studio. Through this program, you can gain access to faculty and students who see the world with a unique persective.