Life After KCAI

Life After KCAI

The moment you step onto the Kansas City Art Institute campus, our office of Academic Advising and Career Services becomes a resource to match your talent, aspiration and artistic and intellectual discovery with the wide array of possibilities in the art and design professions. There is no set formula, because every student is different, but the assistance you receive is refined and far-sighted.

AACS will help you develop as an individual ready to be successful in the world. That may be as an artist, designer, animator, critic, curator, educator, organizer, gallery owner, art historian, journalist or perhaps a blend of these and maybe something all together different. Studio and class time prepares you to do the work, while our Academic Advising and Career Services program prepares you to find it.

Our alumni have pursued an amazing variety of careers after graduating from KCAI. Their stories will give you a better idea about all that "life after KCAI" can be. Learn more. The AACS publishes a weekly opportunities list with employment, freelance, volunteer and RFQ listings* for students and alumni. To see the current opportunities list, visit our AACS resources page here.

New to AACS is our blog, KCAI Case Study, where recent alumni share advice and experiences toward building an art career. Like us on Facebook!

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