2014 Kansas City Flatfile

June 7 - September 27


Jane Voorhees, "Mindscape IX", 2013, acrylic on paper
Opening reception
Opening reception
Installation view, salon wall curated by Jodi Throckmorton
Installation view, salon wall curated by Heather Lustfeldt
Elizabeth Howe
Installation view, Digitalfile
Installation view, Digitalfile
Installation view, Digitalfile, Francisco Alarcon, "Innerscapes," 2013, video, 4 min. 4 sec., Courtesy of the artist
"The Big Draw"
The 2014 Kansas City Flatfile is an invitational biennial exhibition featuring two-dimensional artwork by over 150 Kansas City visual artists. Engaging in a unique and intimate viewing experience, visitors browse through artist portfolios featuring recent works.
The flatfile biennial has become a much-anticipated venue for the discovery and collection of work by artists both new and familiar.
In conjunction with the 2014 Kansas City Flatfile is “Digitalfile,” a group exhibition of time-based artwork by 19 Kansas City based artists. SPECTRA, a nomadic platform for contemporary time-based artwork, has curated the exhibition to present challenging and prescient time-based artwork reflecting the varied and dynamic practices of Kansas City artists.
“Digitalfile” presents new works of film, video, sound, and other time-based media that reflect the diverse practices of artists who are devoted to exploring the particularities of their specific medium or are, alternatively, working in a variety of forms including painting, sculpture, performance and, of course, the moving image and sound. The works in “Digitalfile” fully embrace the digital and virtual, reflecting deeply on how we experience, and are altered by, the digitization of our existence.
“Digitalfile” is organized into three five-week chapters, presenting approximately six artworks in the gallery at a time. The three chapters are as follows:
Chapter I (June 7 – July 8)
Francisco Alarcon, Jessica Borusky, Caitlin Horsmon, Juliana Lynn, Natalie Myers, Kati Toivanen
Chapter II (July 12 – August 20)   
Lindsay Fernandez, Lea Griggs, Ben Harle, Elizabeth Howe, Christoph Steger, Annie Woodfill
Chapter III (August 23 – September 27)
Beverly Ahern, Maura Garcia, Diana Heise, Ritchie Kaye, J. Ashley Miller & Daniel Goggin, David Overholt
In conjunction with "2014 Kansas City Flatfile," the public program "The Big Draw", a family event intended for all ages, held on Saturday July 19, featured three sessions led by local artists, including Tim Brown's “Collabs: 7x7 Drawings Workshop,” Katy McRoberts' “Open House - A 360 Drawing Workshop,” and "Jigsaw - The Director's Cut Workshop" led by Andrew Ordonez. Additionally, a special guest appearance by Pop-Up Charlie, offering on-the-spot ink and watercolor drawings of whatever you'd like. Materials and admission are free and open to the public.


Flatfile Artists: Maryann Adelman, Beverly Ahern, Patrick Alexander, Elizabeth Allen-Cannon, Ricky Allman, Timothy Amundson, Corey Antis, Ashley Ariel, Anthony Baab, Miki Baird, Philip Bakala, Cecilia Baker, Jamie Bates Slone, Justin Beachler, Lynn Benson, Robert Bingaman, Shae Bishop, A. Bitterman, Jennifer Boe, Derrick Breidenthal, Timothy Brown, Tim Brown, Crystal Brown, Fred Bussell, Joe Bussell, Yoojin Cheong, Daniel Coburn, Mark Cowardin, Jonah Criswell, Jeffrey Crowe, Abraham Diaz, Scott Dickson, Deanna Dikeman, Eric Dobbins, Jill Downen, David Elrod, Barrett Emke, Mike Erickson, John Ferry, Brittany Ficken, Adam Finkelston, Luke Firle, Ariadne Fish, David Ford, Tommy Frank, Jennie Frederick, Amy Fredman, Anne Gagel, Megan Gallant and Json Myers, Madeline Gallucci, Jorge Garcia Almodovar, Rachelle Gardner, Archie Scott Gobber, Elijah Gowin, Lea Griggs, John Hans, Diana Heise, Phil Heying, Ben Hlavacek, Peregrine Honig, Elizabeth Howe, Robert Howsare, Cory Imig, Matt Jacobs, Molly Kaderka, Ted Kaldis, Kansas City Plein Air Coterie, Megan Karson, Emily Kenyon, Misha Kligman, Amy Kligman, Alex Krahenbuhl, Michael Krueger, Dean Kube, Heather Lamanno, Katerina Landwehr, Marty Maxwell Lane, Jennifer Lapka Pfeifer, Amos Leager, Saskia Lehnert, Judith Levy, Skye Livingston, Hannah Lodwick, Adam Long, Daniel Lough, Kelly Ludwig, Susi Lulaki, Mike Lyon, Megan Mantia, Andy Maugh, Karen McCoy, Marie McInerney, Kathryn McRoberts, Art McSweeney, Will Meier, Catie Miller, Marcia Miller Gross, Natalie Myers, Charlie Mylie, Johnny Naugahyde, Marc Neighbor, Garry Noland, Rebecca Ofiesh, Maria Ogedengbe, Andrew Ordonez, Andy Ozier, Evan Pardue, Ahram Park, Anne Austin Pearce, Jacia Phillips, Jason Pollen, Maxwell Pond, Cambria Potter, Jane Pronko, Stephen Proski, Robert Quackenbush, Thomas Redmon, David Rhoads, Clinton Ricketts, Rebecca Riden, Carrie Riehl, Miguel Rivera, Emily Sall, Harold Savage, Ruth Scherrer, Emil Schutzel, Jacob Sharp, Brantly Sheffield, Ryan Shrum, DeAnna Skedel, Joseph Smith, Debra Smith, Mark Southerland, Sean Starowitz, Mark Stevenson, Bridget Stewart, Maegan Stracy, Gary Sutton, Caleb Taylor, Tristan Telander, Larry Thomas, Heinrich Toh, William Toney, Cheryl Toh, Heinrich Toh, Kati Toivanen, Bernadette Esperanza Torres, Kelsey Van Horn, Jane Voorhees, Frederick Vorder-Bruegge, Malory Ward, Davin Watne, Joey Watson, Terri Wheeler, David White, Susan White, Jennifer Williams, Patrick Wolf, James Woodfill, and Megan Wyeth
Digitalfile Artists: Beverly Ahern, Francisco Alarcon, Jessica Borusky, Lindsay Fernandez, Maura Garcia, Lea Griggs, Ben Harle, Diana Heise, Caitlin Horsmon, Elizabeth Howe, Ritchie Kaye, Juliana Lynn, J. Ashley Miller and Daniel Goggin, Natalie Myers, David Overholt, Christoph Steger, Kati Toivanen, and Annie Woodfill.


June 6 Fri
June 6 Fri
June 7 Sat
June 20 Fri
July 4 Fri
July 5 Sat
July 19 Sat
August 5 Tue


Press Release

“Digitalfile,” curated by SPECTRA, presents time-based artworks by KC artists, at the H&R Block Artspace
KCAI Website |
Fri, 2014-05-30

“Digitalfile,” is a group exhibition of time-based artwork by 19 Kansas City based artists, presented in conjunction with the 2014 Kansas City Flatfile.

Selected Press

KCUR.ORG, Kansas City Public Media, 89.3 FM |
Fri, 2014-10-24
Personal Files by Liz Cook
The Pitch |
Thu, 2014-08-07

This year's Flatfile exhibition is at its best when the art gets intimate.